How To Get Access To Hidden ‘Off-Market’ Properties Before The Public And Lock In Discounted Prices – While Sitting At Home!

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Finally Get Your Hands On Red-Hot Investment Properties – Before They Get Snatched Up!

Want to buy an investment property but can’t find the time? Are you sick of wasting your weekends, only to get outbid at the last minute? Or do you want to make your money work harder so you can make positive strides for your financial future? Then you can finally let out a sigh of relief.

My name is Arjun Paliwal and I’m the founder of InvestorKit. We help people like you find and secure positive cashflow properties with enormous capital growth potential and secure them at the best prices. Plus, as multi-state licensed buyer’s agents we can give you access to properties across Australia, eliminating location bias…and at times ‘off-market’, before the public even knows they’re for sale.

How Our Innovative Service Launches Beginners Into The Top 10% Of Australian Property Investors

Think I’m just another ‘guru’ with no expertise? Think again! I’m humbled to have built a personal portfolio of 11 properties (and growing), across 4 states, comprising of both residential and commercial real estate. Alongside this, I have been involved in over $500,000,000+ worth of residential and commercial real estate transactions through my finance and real estate career. 

I don’t say that to brag. I say it so you understand that I come equipped with practical experience. I constantly invest in property using the same methods and strategies I use for my clients. They’ve seen similar success too. The specialised acquisition formula we’ve developed massively reduces your risk. Plus, we spend over $100,000 on market research every year. That’s why over 35% of our clients are in the top 10% of property investors in Australia.

Why DIY Property Investment Could Be The Most Expensive Thing You Ever Do

I love property investing because it’s been incredibly rewarding for me. But that doesn’t mean it comes without risks. Buying property is often the biggest transaction people make in their lives. So, if you get it wrong, it can be a painful and expensive experience. 

Many people underestimate how complex it can be. They think you can just pick any random home in your local suburb and make money. Big mistake. Property investing has countless factors you need to account for – macro research, micro localised research, cashflow, economic drivers, infrastructure, negotiations, on the ground due-diligence, financial and legal requirements and so much more.



Purchase Price


Capital Growth

6 Months

Time Since Purchase



Purchase Price


Weekly Rent


Rental Yield



Purchase Price


Capital Growth

7 Months

Time Since Purchase



Purchase Price


Capital Growth

12 Months

Time Since Purchase

Here’s A Quick Outline Of What You’ll Discover In Your Free Consultation:

  • The Fastest Way To Grow A Million Dollar Property Portfolio You’ll see the exact strategy I used to grow a 11 property portfolio valued at over $3.5M in just 5 years – and how YOU can use it for yourself to grow wealth without the hurdles and challenges most DIY investors face.

  • Why I Believe Positive Cashflow Investing Is A Must To Build A Scalable Property Portfolio Without a doubt, investing in positive cashflow properties has changed my life, reduced risk and gave the banks a reason to happily provide finance again to fast track wealth creation – I’ll reveal why this is and how to benefit from it.

  • Our 5 Step Acquisition Formula That Helps You Gain An Edge In The Market This process transforms any buyer into a highly sophisticated professional investor.  Our process turns traditional “backyard investors” to borderless investors opening up an array of positive cashflow properties demonstrating signals for capital growth

  • The Worst Mistake People Make That Robs Them Of $100,000’s Nearly every new investor makes this mistake and it costs them more than they will ever realise – anywhere from $100,000, $300,000…even $1M+!

  • My Real Estate Market Predictions For this year And Beyond This could be the most valuable advice of all – you’ll get the inside scoop and benefit from what we learnt from the countless hours of research and millions of dollars in purchases for clients.

Fast Capital Growth

Australian Property Is The Most Powerful Wealth Creation Tool At Your Disposal

Still not sure if property is the right investment vehicle for you? Or are you still on the fence, wondering if there’s a better opportunity to grow your wealth? Without discussing your unique situation, I really can’t say. However, what I can say is that property investing has been the most lucrative investment I have ever tried.

In fact, residential Australian property has provided higher returns than any other asset class in the last 10 years leading to 2017 (according to Canstar). Also, you get to access other wealth building tools like leverage, tax advantages and depreciation to grow your wealth faster.


Purchase Price $310K | Rent $390pw | Positive Cashflow: $8,427 p.a.

6.54% Rental Yield


Purchase Price $316K | Rent $390pw | Positive Cashflow: $6,302 p.a.

5.76% Rental Yield

How To Find Hidden Growth Suburbs In this year And Scale Towards A $3M+ Portfolio!

Discover the secret market indicators he uses to reliably uncover bargain positive cashflow investment properties with enormous growth potential

  • The ‘lead indicators’ used by research companies and sophisticated investors that demonstrates changing market heat to better time the market and find piping hot properties with explosive growth potential

  • The ‘water cooler’ property advice that costs investors MILLIONS… this well-meaning guidance from colleagues, friends and family members is sabotaging your success

  • How a “quiet Aussie town” you can barely even see on a map in the last year alone provided InvestorKit clients annual returns of up to 14%+... Go to Page 7 to find out exactly where this booming town is!

  • Billion Dollar investor Warren Buffett believes this powerful method is the key to investing success – use it to help secure your investment property without selling your future to land it

  • Enter the mind of an industry recognised professional researcher and buyers agent to steal all of his investment secrets… discover how to buy 1, 2… even 3+ investment properties without crippling your cashflow.

Why this year Could Be The Best Time To Invest In Property That You EVER Have In Your Lifetime

It’s the big question everyone has. Is now the right time to buy? Everyone you talk to probably has a different opinion, but are they staying up to date on all things property day and night 5-7x days a week? Do they spend over $100,000+ and countless hours researching the market, or overseeing hundreds of property transactions every single year? It’s also likely that they don’t have over 100+ real estate professional relationships across the country.

We do all of the above, hence why you need to look at the facts. Interest rates are at historic lows and the general market sentiment is improving. Also whilst the talk is on unaffordable housing, what people don’t realise, is that the majority of our capital cities have 39%+ of suburbs with a median house value of under $500,000. When you couple economic drivers with our scientific acquisition formula and strategies, you have a recipe for significant wealth building potential. Don’t keep waiting while your chance at strengthening your financial future can easily pass you by.


Purchase Price $380k | Rent $400pw | Positive Cashflow: $7,030 p.a.

5.47% Rental Yield


Purchase Price (2019): $310K | Bank Valuation (this year): $350k | Rent and Yield: $340pw / 5.7%

12.9% Capital Growth

Secure Your High Growth Investment Property In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Reserve Your Free Consultation Below We’ll take a deep dive into your current situation, your financial and lifestyle goals, and the core areas of your journey where you feel professional support is required to help get you there faster.

  2. We Tailor A Strategy And Present Our Research After forming the plan of attack, we use our in-depth research and scientific acquisition method to find ideal investing locations and properties suited to your brief and serve them to you on a silver platter.

  3. Find The Best Property For Your Situation Even though we do the hard yards, the choice of property is still made together with you – we’ll keep searching until we find you a cashflow positive property you love, that demonstrates high capital growth signals.

  4. We Negotiate And Secure The Property For You After you’re happy, we’ll help with the other processes and project manage due-diligence items with other professionals too – negotiation, finance, asset and tax structures, pest and building condition reports, your legal requirements and more.

  5. Repeat The Process And Become Financially Free Now that you’ve secured this investment property, we don’t just disappear. Our industry leading ‘post-settlement service’, helps you successfully manage your property manager, investing risks, and keeps you future focussed on long term goals with strategies that unlock your ability to repeat…again…and again!

The Positive Cashflow InvestorKit Guarantee

We’re so confident we’ll find you the perfect investment property for your situation that we guarantee it. Here’s what I mean: In the extremely unlikely event we don’t find you a positive cashflow investment property within 90 days that demonstrates strong capital growth signals and ticks your investing brief, we will work for you for free* for the rest of the journey from there. We can’t be fairer than that. *terms and conditions apply

Take A Look At Some Of The Rave Reviews Pouring In From Our Delighted Clients…

See What Our Happy Client Said About InvestorKit...

I cannot recommend Arjun and the team at InvestorKit highly enough. The entire process was flawless and Arjun was on top of it at every stage. From coming up with a strategy to finding the property/s, due diligence, dealing with REAs, negotiating, liaising with brokers and solicitors on my behalf and ensuring everything was taken care of (even post-deal support); everything exceeded my expectations. Because of Arjun's network and expertise, I had the opportunity to purchase exactly what I wanted an off market, heavily negotiated, high yielding asset. Anyone who's considering InvestorKit's services, I highly highly recommend. They are setting the bar high! Thanks again Arjun.

- Yannick D

Arjun continues to be a pleasure to work with and has a lot of knowledge to share. Having invested in property previously, I was looking to work with someone that understood my goals and partner with me along this journey. Arjun was this and more. He provided great advice during the search, negotiation and post-settlement stages. I was thoroughly impressed with his due diligence, customer service and post-settlement support. It is rare to find a BA that will support you once a property settles. It is nice to have Arjun there supporting me for the long run. I would highly recommend his services to new and established investors.

- Vignesh S

Ultimately, one must contribute to his or her own success. However, there is something refreshing about someone else's complete dedication to YOUR growth. The most important and overall feeling that resonates with us is not the complete ownership that Arjun looked after, but rather gaining our trust once we knew that Arjuns most prominant goal was our journey, our success and our growth. This main factor made the experience wholeheartedly worthwhile.Thank you Arjun, you are a dear Friend and there is no doubt you have something special here.

- Jospeh G

Get Your FREE No Obligation 60 Minute Investment Property Consultation + You’ll Get A Bonus ‘Portfolio Wealth Accelerator’ Property Investment Blueprint (Value $1097)

In this free, 60-minute session, we’ll forge a path for you to clear up any financial headache and set you up with a system proven to strategically build a scalable and profitable investment portfolio. No matter your level of experience in investing, you’ll be completely looked after.

PLUS, as a bonus for only, when you book in a consultation session you’ll get this incredibly useful free gift whether you decide to work with me or not. This gift will help you to go from aspiring investor to seasoned champion in as little as 6 months!

Here’s what you’ll get access to:

  • You’ll get exclusive access to the very strategies and methods I’ve used to personally grow my wealth to $3.5M+ in as little as 5 years… Simply follow the “blueprint” to avoid getting stuck with the banks and start to watch the property portfolio gain serious momentum! 

  • This acquisition process will help you transition from backyard investor to borderless investor…  Think of it as an express lane for opportunities to get access to more investment grade stock, varying cashflow opportunities and focus on the “where” not the “when” of investing.

  • We’ll analyse your goals, any challenges you may be facing and your current finances to present a genuine pathway to achieving your goals... In this obligation free session, you WILL leave with value added, whether you work with us or not. We know our services aren’t for everyone, and on many occasions we have let people know of this as they might just need ‘one piece’ of info which the pathway presented gave to them. Rather than them work with us for the whole journey.

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are exclusive and limited to those who are serious about using the right methods only. Reserve your session now or you may have to wait until more spots open the following month.